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Tai Chi & Qigong with Kathy Reid

Qigong is a centuries old practice that incorporates breath, movement, and meditation for the purposes of health, vitality, and calmness of mind. Tai Chi is also an ancient practice. It also uses movement and breath to harmonize the mind and strengthen the body. Tai Chi uses a series of flowing movements that work the entire body. Qigong taps into the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify and clear energy pathways. Both are often practiced at slow and even speeds, making them perfect for those looking for a practice that does not necessitate getting up and down from the floor.

2 select Sundays every month

Drop-ins are welcome


Trauma-Informed Teacher Training & Student Workshop with Elicia Morris & Jasmine Hollingsworth

The evolution of teaching yoga necessitates that we, as teachers, evolve as well. In this upcoming workshop, yoga teachers and curious students will learn trauma-informed practices and methodology that can be to applied to their teaching and/or personal yoga practice right away. You'll get tips and tools to take with you off your mat and into every-day life. Teachers will be eligible for continuing education credit (CE) with Yoga Alliance!

Saturday, June 18th from 1-4 EST
Space is limited!