Spring Classes have just started. It's not too late to join a Yoga or Pilates class. Enroll here or
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 Connecting Catonsville, Ellicott City, and Surrounding Communities through Yoga 

Rolling Brook Yoga offers quality, affordable, Yoga and Pilates for all levels, as well as Gentle Yoga, Flow Yoga, Meditation, and workshops.

Our experienced teachers are passionate about building a learning environment where students feel inspired to develop a strong, graceful yoga practice through  mindful, alignment-based yoga.  

Our unique curriculum of classes provides a framework of skills, knowledge and yoga poses so that students of all levels may progress at their own pace. We offer step-by-step instruction for beginners, continuing classes for intermediate students, and classes for advanced students to deepen their practice. We have designed our curriculum to give students with all levels of experience a welcoming place to begin and continue the practice of yoga. 

Conveniently located at 1715 Edmondson Avenue, we're Catonsville's best-kept secret for small, personalized yoga and Pilates instruction.