Just for Beginners!

Q:   I've never taken yoga.   What's the best way to get started? 

A:  Our Yoga Basics classes are designed with beginners in mind.  Under the watchful eye of one of our experienced teachers, you’ll learn the fundamental seated, standing and supine poses with detailed attention to alignment and respect for everyone’s unique anatomy.   Variations and modifications are offered so that every student can experience poses in a way that caters to them personally. 

Q:  What other classes can I take as a beginner?

A:  While they aren't strictly designed for beginners like our Yoga Basics class, beginners will be able to enjoy the following classes:  Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Resilience, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Restorative Yoga, & Tai Chi.   You can learn more about each of these classes by visiting our Class Description page. 

Q:  What do I need to bring?  

A:  We provide all the props you might need.  Some people prefer to bring their own props like a yoga mat and blankets.   If you own any of these items, you are welcome to bring them, but it is not necessary.  Feel free to bring water.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:   Dress comfortably but avoid very loose or baggy clothing.   Jeans or clothing that does not stretch is unadvised.   

Q:  What should I expect? 

A:   Upon arriving at the studio, expect to be greeted by your instructor.  They will show you where to leave your shoes and then guide you into the studio to find your props and set up your mat.  In order to best cater the class to your needs, your instructor may ask you about any health concerns you have.  You are not obligated to share.   Expect to be appropriately challenged and to leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and relaxed. 

Have another question?  Feel free to contact us!